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Collaboration of CCISP in the WEBSUMMIT 2016

In Lisbon, Palacete Gomes Freire on 8/11/2016


Swiss Radio interview to Gregor Zemp

On the occasion of the official visit of the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to Switzerland, the official Radio of Switzerland made a phone interview in German with Gregor Zemp, General, Secretary of CCISP.


Sovereign debt. Switzerland is the first country with negative interest rates across all terms

A new record has just been beaten: The Swiss Confederation is the first country to have negative interest rates on all debt maturities.
Switzerland may, from today, afford to “charge” negative interest rates on all debt maturities, including the obligations for 50 years.


Swiss Labour Market

Bern, 2015/06 – The consequences of the strong franc are actually superimposed on the Swiss labor market by the seasonal effects. Accordingly, the registred number of unemployed persons on the regional employment centers (RAV) came down in May compared with the previous month by 4782 to 136 349. Compared to last year, however, an increase of 4,6% was recorded.


SEFRI – Free movement of persons: updating professional recognition rules

Bern, 2015/09/06 – Switzerland and the EU have agreed to guarantee automatic recognition of new training courses. Thus, new categories of Swiss doctors, midwives and nurses will have direct access to the labor market in all EU countries.


Economic forecasts Portugal

Download Envolvente Empresarial – Short-term Indicators: May 2015

Download Envolvente Empresarial – Short-term Indicators: April 2015

Download Envolvente Empresarial – Short-term Indicators: March 2015


Signature of a Protocol of collaboration between the CCISP and the Municipality of Porto/InvestPorto

04/16/2015 – The CCISP has signed, together with other entities, a cooperation agreement with the City of Porto and InvestPorto, the agency of Porto led by Ana Teresa Lehmann with the mission to attract investment to the “northern capital”.